WebSphere Process Server

Sreesoft being a niche vendor in Integration for last several years have gained expertise in integrating various Enterprise, Legacy and custom built applications. Sreesofts’ certified WebSphere developers and experts had recognized the need to reduce development time focusing on reuse by developing components. We have developed many integration patterns with reusable software components to help customers in jump-starting Process Initiatives based on industry-based standards.

The SOA Platform for Business Process Orchestration
  • Enables you to rapidly construct and deploy processes that can meet the goals of your business.

  • Delivers one platform, one tool for end-to-end integration to provide service discovery, mediation and orchestration.

  • Integrates more into your business processes by using Web services, application adapters and advanced messaging capabilities.

  • Supports comprehensive, human-centric business process and task management.

  • Provides service -governance capabilities with dynamic runtime discovery and invocation of services.

  • Offers advanced administration and management features.

  • Provides simplified tools to describe, create and manage business processes.

  • Delivers high performance and quality of service with advanced fault-tolerance and error- detection capabilities.

  • Runs natively on z/OS, to integrate seamlessly with your most-critical application assets.

  • Business flexibility with process integration based on SOA
  • Transforming your IT infrastructure to SOA

  • Ability to change business rules of processes on demand

  • Enabling business growth and innovation through process integration

  • Bridging gap between strategy and execution

  • Introduces a uniform programming model

  • Provides a standards based process integration platform

  • The Common Event Infrastructure (CEI),part of Process Server provides the basis for managing and handling events produced by business processes. It provides facilities for the generation, propagation, persistence and consumption of events, which is essential for enabling the monitoring of business processes

What We Can Do?
  • Execute POC for demonstration and help customer in getting first hand experience.

  • Road to Process Server Planning and Implementation

  • Proven Integration Framework with Reusable Assets to support SOA Methodology.

  • Architecture, Development, Migration and Support Services in Process Server.

  • Understanding business processes and implement orchestration using BPEL

  • Implementation of our best practices with greater emphasis on Reusability.