WebSphere Integration Develop

WebSphere Integration Developer is the Eclipse-based tool for building SOA-based BPM and integration solutions. It enables integration developers to create, manage, and test services for IBM WebSphere Process Server and WebSphere Enterprise Service Bus. The features in WebSphere Integration Developer separate business logic from implementation details

  • It is a common tool for building SOA-based integration solutions across WebSphere Process Server, WebSphere ESB, and WebSphere Adapters.

  • Simplifies integration with rich features that accelerate the adoption of service-oriented architecture by rendering existing IT assets as service components, encouraging reuse and efficiency.

  • Enables integration developers to assemble complex business solutions – processes, mediations, adapters, or code components – requiring minimal skills.

  • Enables construction of process and integration solutions using drag-and-drop technology without having a working knowledge of Java.

  • Integrates testing, debugging, and deployment for solution development.

  • Enables Business-Driven Development, fully integrating with WebSphere Business Modeler to import models for rapid implementation.

  • Easy-to-use integration to simplify and speed the assembly of composite applications.

  • Easy connectivity into existing IT – business applications, business partners and customers; Improved time to market.

  • Easy to extend business processes to customers and partners with WebSphere Portal; Easy to extend the life of legacy applications by transforming them to SOA.

  • Deployment of mission critical applications in a secure, high performance environment.

  • Minimal changes to operational business processes when underlying applications are changed or replaced.

What We Can Do?
  • Our experienced industry experts can assist you in usage, deployment of Integration Developer in developing SOA integrations.

  • Assists in using the various features of tool to test, debug services.

  • Our extensive knowledge gained through prestigious engagements with Fortune 1000 clients will jump-start your planning, execution of SOA Implementation dramatically.