Software Consulting Services

Offshore Services

Sreesoft Solutions offers the ultimate development and testing off shoring solution. Sreesoft global division manages all offshore and near shore activities in India, Europe and United States of America. It has technology partnership with the world’s leading vendors: Microsoft, SAP, IBM, Oracle, Sun, HP (Mercury), BEA, Red Hat and Business partnership with development centers in India.

Consulting and Staffing

Our strategies are custom tailored to support each client. However, one principle remains the same for all Sreesoft Solutions clients: Our results must exceed your expectations.

Our consultants are Information Technology Professionals who will provide the skills and leadership to advance your company into the next millennium and beyond. We specialize in the design, development, implementation and ongoing support of Automated Data Processing systems. We can also help you explore new technologies and evaluate new alternatives. In short, we can offer the knowledge and tools you will need to remain at the forefront of the marketplace.

Sreesoft Solutions brings together successful people to help our clients build successful companies. Our employees are highly skilled professionals offering a diverse range of leading edge technical expertise including:

  • Programmers
  • Managers
  • Technical Team Leads
  • Database Administrators
  • Systems Analysts
  • Quality Assurance Engineers and software Testers

software Execution Models (Rollover on following to view the model)

  • Onsite
  • Near Shore
  • Onsite/offshore
  • Offshore
Sreesoft Solution’s global offshore Methodology
Our Benefits
  • Attractive business model, with maintaining quality of service and knowledge guaranteed for the long term
  • Quality and highly motivated personnel with solid expertise
  • software development and testing using a wide and advanced range of technologies
  • Work with emerging markets in India & Europe
  • Professional and managerial backing by Global leading CEO’s
To ensure the high quality of the outsourcing activity, the work operates according to the following principles:
  • Work according to proven standards
  • ISO 9001 standard
  • Documentation of all processes and outputs
  • Procedure-level control (DR and code review)
  • Product-level control (unit testing, integration testing, system testing, and acceptance testing)
  • Control by trained managerial team and by dedicated QA testing team
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Sreesoft Solutions is US based with Two Offshore development centers in India also provide Offshore software Development, software Outsourcing, Offshore Outsourcing, Enterprise wide Web Application Development Services to Clients Globally. Some of our focus industries include Education services, financial services, E-commerce, healthcare, and Media.