Oracle SOA Services

Oracle SOA Suite is a complete set of service infrastructure components for building, deploying, and managing SOAs. Oracle SOA Suite enables services to be created, managed, and orchestrated into composite applications and business processes. With Oracle SOA Suite’s hot-pluggable components, organizations can easily extend and evolve their architectures instead of replacing existing investments.

Best-of-Breed Oracle Technology for Building Next-generation Business Applications

Oracle’s complete SOA offering, Oracle SOA Suite 11g, is an integrated, best-of-breed suite of products that helps you rapidly design and assemble, deploy and manage, highly agile and adaptable business applications. This 100 percent standards-based, hot-pluggable infrastructure interoperates with your existing IT investments lowering your upfront costs. Many Oracle customers have succeeded in deploying high-volume, mission-critical SOA systems by leveraging the industry’s best service bus, Oracle Service Bus, combined with Oracle’s renowned extreme-scalability on a grid computing infrastructure.

Oracle SOA Suite is the foundation technology for Oracle Application Integration Architecture: Oracle’s solution for delivering rapid application integrations.

  • Integrated SCA based designer – Improves developer productivity through easy-to-use, drag-and-drop features for rapidly assembling metadata-driven business applications.

  • Unified events and services – Enables highly flexible and responsive applications through event-driven SOA.

  • End-to-end instance tracking – The only complete SOA platform that provides end-to-end IT and business visibility into enterprise-wise implementations

SOA Suite Products
  • Oracle JDeveloper

  • Oracle Business Rules

  • Oracle BPEL Process Manager

  • Oracle Business-to-business Integration

  • Oracle Business Activity Monitoring

  • Oracle Service Bus

  • Oracle Complex Event Processing