Oracle Retail Applications

Sree softs’s focus areas within Oracle Retail include following areas listed. Our CoE team comprises of Oracle Retail technology experts and senior domain consultants with experience in areas such as point-of-sale, merchandising, supply chain management, inventory management, store management and financials.

Retail Sales Audit (ReSA)
Retail Merchandising System (RMS)
Retail Invoice Matching (ReIM)
Retail Price Management (RPM)
Retail Allocations (Alloc)
Retail Data Warehouse (RDW)
Retail Trade Management (RTM)
Retail Integration Bus (RIB)
Retail Extract, Transform & Load (RETL)
Retail Predictive Application Server (RPAS)
Merchandise Financial Planning (MFP)
Retail Item Planning
Assortment Planning
Retail Demand Forcasting (RDF)
Size Profile Optimization
Replenishment Optimization
Retail Warehouse Management System
Retail Sales Audit (ReSA)
Retail Invoice Matching (ReIM)
360 Commerce
Store Inventory Management (SIM)