Message from CEO

The pace of change in Information Technology is rapid, and even more far reaching change may be on the way.We realize the importance of meeting and exceeding our client’s expectations with ‘Drive and Innovation’.We are committed to the highest standards of ethical conduct in all that we do. At SreeSoft these epitomize the value we bring to our clients, and it’s what differentiates us with in the industry.We recognize that our success as an enterprise depends on the talent, skills and expertise of our people and our ability to function as a tightly integrated team. We have an extensive internal training and development program that equips our employees with up-to-date industry knowledge and provides clearly defined career paths and advancement opportunities.

Our corporate culture cultivates passionate, talented problem-solvers who deliver “Our Clients” with industry-leading teamwork and responsiveness. We provide the right solutions by achieving a deep understanding of our client’s businesses and needs. Our client’s challenges are treated with urgency and respect, and we work relentlessly to meet or exceed their expectations.

Since its inception in 2004 we have gone leaps and bound each year in our maturation as a corporation, we have set goals, developed strategies and assigned resources, just as we do on all of our customer programs. And that’s the same approach we are now taking as we focus on establishing and reinforcing a common culture that permeates every corner of our organization. Over the past few months, we have implemented significant structural and business changes to make the company a highly focused organization that defines clear priorities company-wide and pursues these priorities with relentless discipline and energy.

At the core of our corporate beliefs is a “We Can” attitude blending innovation, hard work and common sense. There is no silver bullet or magic solution in addressing customer business needs: what is important is helping customers find the right solution. That is where we excel.

I hope the following brief corporate overview will help you to get a better idea about SreeSoft, and our focus on advancing business through information technology.