Mercator is the market-leading software designed specifically to embrace diversity and meet The requirements for business integration across both application and enterprise boundaries. Mercator addresses the diverse needs within the context of a new software category known as Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) software whose goal is to exploit the business advantage that comes from the integration of business processes.

  • Communications

  • Translator Support

  • Data Mapping

  • Testing

  • Application Integration

  • Industries/Domains

  • Standards

  • How Do I Start?

  • This service includes an analysis of the data transmission volume and number of trading partners in order to decide which method of communication will be most effective.

  • We are using Cyclone as our communication media for Trading Partner setups to transfer EDI documents.

  • We supports for all methods including direct connections, such as AS2 and FTP, as well as the traditional Value Added Networks (VANS).

  • In addition, during this phase, an analysis of the volume and utilization pattern is performed to determine the best method and/or VAN to be utilized and the best plan that suits each customer’s needs.

  • After a particular method has been selected, our staff proceeds with the setup and configuration of the EDI mailboxes and/or direct connections, and the completion of the corresponding communications testing.

Translator Support

We can assist you with MERCATOR translator. We can help you with trading partner setups, connectivity to VANs, automated scheduling, error handling, and acknowledgement reconciliation.

Data Mapping
  • We have over years of experience in mapping with Mercator for many Clients with different range of Trading Partners.

  • Mercator is an EDI mapping product that uses graphical objects to map EDI data to user applications.

  • Mapping can also occur from EDI to EDI, or from application to application.

  • If your trading partner requires a new EDI version or you are taking on a new trading partner, we can create and test your maps quickly.

  • We have worked on X12, EDIFACT standards with different transactions of various domains such as Supply Chain Management, Logistics, Manufacture & Retailers and Financial Services etc.

  • If your trading partner requires a new EDI version or you are taking on a new trading partner, we can create and test your maps quickly.

  • We can implement the XML and Database requirements of your most demanding trading partners too.

  • We are experts in field by field Unit testing and also in Integration testing.

  • By leveraging our experience, we can usually take an EDI program from the conference room to production in under two weeks.

  • We also offer Transaction Management, an electronic commerce solution that can often have you in production the next day.

  • Our broad industry experience can speed up your EDI implementation.

Application Integration
  • We have experience with many of todays popular ERP packages, including SAP, JD Edwards, Baan, Oracle, and many more.

  • Additionally, we have expertise integrating with GERS Enterprise 1TM, a leading business application in the retail industry.

  • We can integrate most electronic business documents with your existing legacy system or ERP, eliminating manual data entry and mistakes and allowing you to process documents faster and with more accuracy than ever before.


Automotive, Computers/Electronics, Defense, Government, Healthcare, Insurance, Manufacturing, Petroleum/Chemicals, Transportation/Logistics, and Supply-Chain (financial, consignment, replenishment, distribution, etc.)

How Do I Start?

EDI is supposed to make things easier but getting there can be painful. Using our expert knowledge of the EDI industry, we can help you make informed choices. Its well worth the investment.