Legacy System Integration

This involves integrating backend legacy systems with front-end applications like portals, and CRM solutions. Currently , Sreesoft’s  EAI group provides such solutions using leading EAI tools like IBM WebSphere MQ/WBI, TIBCO, BizTalk and webMethods. Sreesoft’s expertise in Mainframe, AS/400, databases, and other legacy applications gives us an edge in providing integration solutions for complex integration scenarios.

Data integration involves a framework of applications, techniques, technologies, and products for providing a unified and consistent view of enterprise business data. Applications are custom-built and vendor-developed solutions that utilize one or more data integration products.

  • Products are off-the-shelf commercial solutions that support one or more data integration technologies.

  • Technologies implement one or more data integration techniques.

Techniques are technology-independent approaches for doing data integration.

From a data integration perspective, EAI can be used to transport data between applications and to route real-time event data to other data integration applications like an ETL process. Access to application sources and targets is done via Web services, Microsoft .NET interfaces, Java-related capabilities such as JMS, legacy application interfaces and adapters, etc.