Implementation Services

Sree Software Solutions SAP implementation services offer rapid, efficient and cost effective deployment of your SAP solution.

As with all Sree Soft Solutions assignments, project cost-effectiveness is a major feature of our implementation service. We manage our costs very carefully to ensure that you get the best possible price on an implementation engagement with us.

Projects that lack the right implementation team face an increased chance of failure, and often experience significant budget overruns, delayed roll outs and excessive system downtime. This is why our program revolves around the quality of our consultants. We take great care in assembling exactly the right team from a pool of talented consultants who can draw upon experience in similar projects and who offer a proven track record in project delivery.

The Sree Software Solutions project teams are formed of industry experts who will help to mitigate risk, minimize disruption and anticipate and manage all possible scenarios that may have a negative impact on your business operations based upon their prior solution and sector experience.

Clear Benefit, Proven Value :

Our implementation services help you to gain full value from your SAP investment and takes full account of your business goals and operational processes. We offer:

  • More overall value through an integrated, end-to-end implementation program from design through to end user training.
  • Maximum performance from a professionally installed, configured and tuned solution that managed by highly experienced, fully qualified SAP Consultants.
  • Efficient, low risk project management from a team that has deployment experience in multiple and highly complex global business environments.
  • Use of common reusable components helping you to save money (i.e. RF Integration, Bank Reconciliation).
  • Higher adoption and satisfaction levels through extensive user acceptance testing and the right training program that’s individually designed and tailored for your organisations needs.

Key Deliverables

Requirements and Design:

  • System scope and requirements definitions.
  • Functional blueprints and specification design.
  • Technical design.
  • Data migration plan.
  • Solution support plan.

Implementation Build, Testing and Installation:

  • System build and data migration.
  • System interface design and process validation.
  • Quality assurance that includes full functional and performance testing.
  • Reporting, fixing and managing defects.
  • Functional, integration, regression and user acceptance testing.

Education Program Design and Execution:

  • User needs assessment.
  • Training plan.
  • Customised learning programs and courses.
  • Internal system launch support.
  • Fully managed user support clinics.