Finnacle Chit Fund Management System

Finnacle Chit Fund Management System is a flexible cloud based solution that can be used by small to large chit fund businesses for managing their Chits online. Finnacle CFMS helps keep track of the chits and makes report management easy. Finnacle CFMS reduces the report generation time and increases the quality and accuracy of information.

Finncale cloud solution provides various features such as creation of Chit Groups, Customer Master, Chit Entries (Transactional), Online bidding, Online Payments, Auto Pay, Installment Due Notifications, Auction Details, Account Details, Guarantor Creation, Loan Details, Reports Generation etc.,

Finnacle provides secured online access to all it’s members providing a wide range of information over cloud, monitors the transactions of each customer, account overheads and is capable of generating Income vs Expenses of the company.


Members have access to wide range of information like:

  • Member Personal Information
  • Chit Group Details
  • Change Login and Transaction Passwords
  • Next Due / Installment Details
  • Account Information
  • Auction Details
  • Loan Details
  • Secure Online Payments
  • Account Statements

Business Users can generate wide range of reports like:

  • Daily Collection Reports
    • Day Book
    • Cash Book
    • Bank Book
  • Business Reports
    • Account Ledgers
    • Profit &Loss Accounts
    • Balance Sheet
    • Debits&Credits
    • Agent wise details

Apart from the above the solution is capable of sending / generating intimations and notifications which include

  • Auction SMS
  • Payment Receipt SMS
  • Payment Reminder
  • Bid Information
  • Installment Amount
  • Other Promotional Offers
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