EDI Solution Implementation

With SreeSoft Solutions, clients are always sure for the objectives of EDI & SreeSoft enables them to satisfy business needs, for example, improve procurement processes, increase supply chain efficiency and reduce float time transactions. SreeSoft also enables this in a cost effective manner as compared to competitors and utilizes many of the in-house tools such as,

  1. EDI Mapping Engine
  2. EDI Trading Partner Communication Server
  3. EDI Regression Test Suite

Even though the bulk of the work for actual delivery of the EDI solution mainly involves IT resources SreeSoft consultants have the required agility to get business stakeholders & project sponsors involved in all steps of the implementation.

With SreeSoft Solution’s Experience in Full Implementation of EDI Solutions the clients are assured, that their business process requirements will go into the EDI implementation guidelines and not the other way around as normally the competitors execute. Whether you have the role of implementing a full blown EDI solution for your company or if you are just adding a new transaction, SreeSoft Solutions makes sure that your project sponsor is a business process owner and not the technical team lead or IT Director.

SreeSoft Solutions possesses extremely strong EDI Solution implementation Expertise, with extensive ERP integration. SreeSoft has already demonstrated its capabilities to manage all aspects of the EDI life cycle from the establishment of Trading Partner relationships to the design and integration of EDI business models. The ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with senior level executives, as well as to work closely with associates on the project team so that the nature of the work is always collaborative, with everyone participating in the process

EDI End- to-End Implementation Highlights
  • In-depth knowledge of EDI transactions, their components and structure
  • Excellent and field proved approach towards  development, enhancement, and maintenance of EDI efforts
  • Ability to research and identify gaps between business requirement and system capability in order to recommend feasible solutions.
  • Ability to resolve complex technical issues with minimum or no guidance
  • Design electronic interfaces between business systems and Trading Partners
    Lead efforts to specify detailed functional requirements
  • Work closely with business clients to understand business and technical needs
  • Resolve production issues relating to EDI systems
  • Verify that all end-users and management are informed of any changes or enhancements to EDI applications
  • Solicitation and setup of EDI Trading Partners. This includes negotiating EDI issues with trading partners to ensure that the proper controls are in place for trading EDI documents
  • Review and amend EDI Contracts and Trading Partner Agreements.
  • Adapt Auto tools for regressive testing of EDI modification in order to assist the efficiency and cost effectiveness
  • SreeSoft Solutions work’s with customer’s choice of VANs. SreeSoft Solutions Inc can maintain customer’s mail boxes in VAN system & can negotiate and work with VAN providers to deliver the most optimal communication message exchange pattern suitable for the customer.