EDI Consulting Services

Sree Software Solutions is an EDI/EC Professional Services Firm that offers a full range of services to its customers in the field of Electronic Commerce. We cater to both the needs of companies who are in an EDI Start-up Mode as well as organizations, which have well established EDI Operations.Since inception of Sree Software Solutions, Sree Software is committed to help clients to deploy EDI/EC to strategically position for success in today’s highly competitive business environment.

For companies that are new entrants into the EDI/EC world, Sree Software Solutions can help launch your EDI program and deliver speedy results. We will interface with your trading partners and setup EDI maps. We will integrate the EDI Translator of your choice by developing subsystems to transfer data back and forth between the EDI Translator and your in-house application systems. Once your EDI program is up and running we will provide the necessary EDI training to your staff to carry on your daily EDI operations.

For companies that are new entrants into the EDI/EC world, Sreesoft Solutions can help launch your For companies having existing EDI operations, Sree Software Solutions can augment your staff with highly skilled EDI professional services. These results driven professionals will help you charge ahead with your EDI program by providing the extra technical muscle that your organization may need.

Our related services also include:
  • EDI Mappings
  • EDI Trading
  • EDI Solution Implementation
Our related products are:
  • EDI Mapping Engine
  • Trading Partner Communication