EAI Integration

Sreesoft’s EAI practice provides EAI consulting services, to the world’s leading corporations. Equipped with robust tools & methodologies and supported by Experienced EAI Consultants, Sreesoft’s Consultants ensure that customers get cutting-edge consulting, faster implementations, smoother rollouts, de-risked upgrades, dependable production support and best quality product development.

Sreesoft solutions provides EAI services on packaged EAI applications including TIBCO, Vitria, webMethods, IBM WBI, SeeBeyond, Mercator, GXS, MERCATOR, Gentran Integration Suite, Gentran: for UNIX and Gentran: for Windows.

Sreesoft Solutions also has strong technology and skill collaboration for Business Applications enabled Integration including Oracle Retail Integration, Oracle Agile PLM Services.

EAI Challenges
Sreesoft Solutions Credentials

Lack of a mandate & processes for corporate ownership of the EAI infrastructure with authority to enforce and implement EAI policies

Over 50 engagements ranging from consultancy to support

Lack of enterprise focus on EAI architecture, standards and processes leading to sub-optimal solutions, which are difficult to manage

Strong technology and skill collaboration for Business Applications enabled Integration including Oracle Retail & Oracle Agile PLM Integration

Limited EAI knowledge or resources within the organization

Technology expertise on market leading products TIBCO, Vitria, webMethods, IBM WBI, SeeBeyond, Mercator. GXS, MERCATOR, Gentran Integration Suite, Gentran: for UNIX and Gentran: for Windows

High total cost of ownership due to point solutions and minimal reuse

Adapter competency center focused on creating and supporting reusable adapter components

Point-to-point, data driven or application driven interfaces leading to inefficiency in end-to-end business processes

Experience in technology enabled integration using .Net, JMS/J2EE, Web Services and Service Oriented Architecture

No adequate organizational & governance model in place to support EAI projects from conceptualization till support

Frequent system downtime due to inadequate monitoring and problem resolution framework

Entreprise Resource Planning Solutions (ERP)

(HR systems, E-procurement, E-Commerce, etc.).

For many organizations,ERP systems are the mission-critical backbone through which most, if not all business transactions flow. Besides providing the core transaction processing that large, complex enterprises require, ERP systems are often the launchpad for strategic initiatives, such as e-business and B2B commerce.

Sreesoft has implemented ERP systems across a wide range of vertical industry sectors and we have developed core competencies with the leading ERP applications, including SAP, People Soft, JD Edwards and Oracle. Furthermore, with our experience in related application areas, ranging from CRM to business intelligence, supply chain management, and e-business, we can help your organization derive maximum value from its ERP projects.

Customer Relationship Solutions (CRM)

Having lots of customer data available to analyze is nirvana for most marketing and sales professionals. Thus, the ability to integrate, organize, mine, and model customer information is key to most CRM initiatives. However, SreeSoft can help develop an action plan and put your CRM strategy and architecture as well.The ability to search, segment, and cluster customer information is important and can lead to valuable insights.

But if you have no plan to convert these insights into action, your CRM efforts will fall short. SreeSoftProfessional Services provides individual consultants or complete consulting teams who translate business requirements into successful CRM implementations. Based on their extensive knowledge of CRM Applications, and the customer’s requirements, the consulting team provides expert assistance to quickly develop business process flows and map them to CRM application functionality.

Supply Chain Solutions (SCM)

Today’s enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications can still be leveraged to record what already happened in your value chain. But businesses need forward looking systems that can bring together the diverse systems of all business partners and channels, to allow the appropriate enterprise processes to react for maximum benefit and profitability. Today’s customers want faster delivery, better products, more features, lower costs and more information.

To deliver this, you need access to key decision-making information and the ability to change business processes quickly both across a diverse organization, and a complex web of suppliers and partners. You need real-time visibility and alerting capabilities so your employees can manage business exceptions and dynamics in order to increase customer satisfaction and ultimately your company’s profitability. Supplier relationship Management: Sourcing, Collaboration & Procurement Supplier Chain Management: Planning & Scheduling, Transportation & Distribution, Service Demand Chain Management: Orders, Demand, Selling, Order Management & Service.

Business Process Management (BPM)

Sreesoft works with companies of all sizes, across all industries, to develop and operate business processes that span multiple applications and business partners, behind the firewall and over the Internet. We develop the use of Business Process Management (BPM) through the established standards for process design, deployment, execution, maintenance, and optimization.

Sreesoft Solutions specializes in helping clients deliver their projects successfully throughout the project lifecycle. Agile business makes use of Technical Limit methodology whenever appropriate to help improve performance.

Our solutions are grounded in real world knowledge, not theory. By tapping into our wide network of experienced managers, we can provide interims ideally suited to our client’s needs of Agile Business.

Agile makes use of Technical Limit methodology whenever appropriate to help improve performance. We bring together a wealth of experience to provide a valuable pool of skills for our clients.

We also provide In house developed tools & services for Business Process Automation platform that integrates the disparate applications that drive your business.

With Sreesoft clients are assured of asset reuse and increased ROI, Sreesoft Provides a competitive edge, the customer is looking for.

Sreesoft follows open specifications, assists IT vendors for marketing their implementations, and supports businesses for using Business Process Management technologies. Typical processes include Procurement, Product development, Production, Order delivery, Distribution and Customer support. BPM is the coordination of the tasks and resources that make up business processes. Effective BPM requires the coordination of human and electronic resources inside your business and in your network of customers and partners. It takes a very sophisticated solution to handle the complex variables, state management, and exception-handling requirements involved. Sreesoft can device most comprehensive solutions from existing set of technologies available for enterprise BPM – with a powerful process management engine that can handle the automation of electronic tasks and interaction as well as the more sophisticated management of human workflow and exception handling.