EAI Infrastructure Support

Sree Software’s Enterprise Application Integration Software (EAI) & Services connects your company’s business management information. EAI solutions, integration ERP software, data management and business management software processes can be simplified with Sree Soft’s enterprise application integration solutions.

Sree Softwareprovides cost effective EAI solutions & services that allows you to read, write and convert information from any platform and enables quick, native connections to the most popular databases.

IntegrationERP software

Sree Software’s EAI solutions address your IT needs and services by:

  • Allowingyou tocreate and maintain scripts that automate and optimize business processes

  • Providing secure data, authentication and non-repudiation

  • Enabling you to process large transaction volumes

  • Connecting databases, applications and ERP Systemwithin your own company or withyour business partners

  • Integrating and streamlining both your internal and external processes

  • Making your information visible and usable for your business systems

  • Supporting fast, native connections to commonly used databases

  • Integrating your databases information for use with other applications

Update Data from Any System

Sree Software’s enterprise application integration solution is compatible with most known databases. Sree Softwareintegration ERP software can be used to:

  • Read and update all your known databases

  • Read, create and convert XML, MS Excel or any of your text data

  • Create SOA (Service Oriented Architecture) solutions with your web services

  • Replicate and convert data between your databases

  • Send and receive mail, using FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, Telnet, SOAP or encrypted mail

  • Sign and verify yourdocuments with full support for encryption

  • Access to Lotus Notes/Domino

  • Provide support for MQSeries

  • Use own message passing system, which out-performs MQSeries

  • Provide full XML support to create, query, convert, etc.

  • Provide support for Oracle Queue system for best integration with PL/SQL

  • Communicate using XML or almost any other format