• Oracle

    With Sreesoft solutions you achieve a streamlined approach on Oracle Retail solutions

  • Java

    Sree soft Solutions is a professional IT services consultancy with proven expertise in high-quality, innovative application development.

  • SAP

    Sree Soft Solutions SAP implementation services offer rapid, efficient and cost effective deployment .

  • GXS

    We can assist you with GXS translator. We can help you with trading partner setups, connectivity to VANs, automated scheduling.




EDI Services

Sreesoft Solutions is an end-to-end Business Integration & SOA specialist firm providing services to help both large & mid-sized businesses transition and evolve their IT landscape into a service-oriented architecture driven ecosystem.

  1. EDI Mappings Development

    SreeSoft Solutions offers a wide spectrum of EDI Mapping (translation) service that integrates tailored applications with customers’ EDI applications. With SreeSoft Solutions, Your Company can easily have the same capabilities as a large one

  2. EDI Trading Partner Negotiations

    Effective communication between trading partners is vital for operational efficiency and better trading relations. Such communication takes place at different managerial levels, using a variety of means, including Electronic Data Interchange (EDI). Interestingly, SreeSoft consultants posses a vide experience with the communication outside EDI & their impact on trading relations.

  3. EDI Solution Implementation

    With SreeSoft Solutions, clients are always sure for the objectives of EDI & SreeSoft enables them to satisfy business needs, for example, improve procurement processes, increase supply chain efficiency and reduce float time transactions. SreeSoft also enables this in a cost effective manner as compared to competitors and utilizes many of the in-house tools such as,

  4. EDI Consulting Services

    Sreesoft Solutions is an EDI/EC Professional Services Firm that offers a full range of services to its customers in the field of Electronic Commerce. We cater to both the needs of companies who are in an EDI Start-up Mode as well as organizations, which have well established EDI Operations.Since inception of Sreesoft Solutions, Sreesoft is committed to help clients to deploy EDI/EC to strategically position for success in today’s highly competitive business environment.

  5. EDI Infrastructure Setup

    SreeSoft Solutions has offered clients EDI Consulting services since 2004. Over the years, we’ve provided EDI consulting services to many companies including companies amongst fortune 500 elite group. SreeSoft Solutions has and earned a reputation as the “go-to” company for EDI technology.